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Silicates [152]
Aquamarine Pale gauzy crystal up to 1,5 in quartz- polevoshpati ore.
Axinite, quartz. Druse of columnar crystals of quartz with platy axinite crystals.
Axinite. Joint of axinite grey crystals with incrustation of wite fibrous mineral
Axinite. Druse of plate axinite crystals on stratum.
Actinolite. Columnar aggregates of translucent greenish-gray actinolite in mica schist.
Actinolite. Fragment of vein (1.5 cm) presented by radial aggregates grayish- white actinolite in qua...
Actinolite. Fibrous aggregates of grayish-green actinolite.
Almandine Three almandibe crystals in chloritic slate
Amazonite. Pale- green threaded breed. Polished half of the core.
Andalusite. Phenocrysts of prismatic cherry-brown andalusite crystals in association with light gray...
Andalusite. Phenocrysts of prismatic cherry-brown andalusite crystals (3.5 * 2 cm or less) in associa...
Andalusite. Large phenocrysts of prismatic crystals of cherry-brown andalusite in the light-gray quar...
Andradite Closely burgundy opaque uncorrectly rhombic dodecahedron.
Andradite Druse of rhombic-dodecahedral crystals of brown garnet skarn in pomegranate.
Andradite Druse of large brown crystals of garnet in garnet skarn.
Antigorite. Aggregate of green long-fibrous serpentine tonkolistovatogo deformed.
Apophyllite, stilbene, lomantite Druse. Crystalsof apophyllit are spotted greenish-white.
Apophyllite The brash of grey tabular crystals on stratum
Apophyllite Colourless brush of tabula crystals on statum
Arfvedsonite Tabulat black crystal
Arfvedsonite Prismatic black crustal
Arfvedsonite Prismatic black crustal
Arfvedsonite Black fragment of crystal
Arfvedsonite Black fragment of crystal
Arfvedsonite Arfvedsonite crystal 9 cm long with feldspar in a quartz vein
Arfvedsonite Crystal of arfvedsonite in joint with milk- white quartz
Arfvedsonite Arfvedsonite twin in a quartz vein
Arfvedsonite In quartz- polevoshpat- pegmatite. The length of arfvedsonite crystal is 7 cm.
Astrophyllite. Radial-fibrous aggregates of golden brown astrophyllite in aegirine-feldspar rock.
Beryl Fragment of pale green opaque beryl crystal .
Beryl Light green. Fragment of crystal.
Beryl Yellow- green. Fragment of prismatic crystal.
Beryl Fragment of crystal.Yellow, opaque. Cut acros of the axis length. Beaming
Beryl Fragment of greenish gray, opaque crystal .
Beryl Columnar opaque of a pale green crystal (2 * 1 cm) in quartz and mica phlogopite.
Beryl Light green. Fragment of short-prismatic crystal.
Beryl Fragment of columnar opaque pale green crystal.
Beryl Fragment of columnar opaque pale yellow- green.crystal.
Beryl Beryl crystals in fluorite-muscovite-quartz greisen.
Bertrandite Grainy colourless aggregate(hedgehog), yellow in giantgrainy quartz- KPSH stratum. Ore is...
Vezuvan Chromic. Short, prismatic green crystals in skarn
Vezuvian Joint of two crystals is short-greenish-black color.
Vermiculite. Fragment of flexible crystal.
Vila. Crystal of greenish-brown viluita with grossulyaria in tuff.
Vila. Short-prismatic crystal of brown villuita with small crystals of grossular in tuff- like stratu...
Vishnevit Solid fine-grained blue aggregate
Hedenbergite Columnar unit.
Hedenbergite Druse of small tabular crystals.
Heulandite, chlorite. Fragment of of geodes in amygdaloidal metabasalts, whis is made ​​by pink heul...
Granate. Ungauzy pale, green uncorrect
Grossularite. Crystals tuff- like ctratum..
Grossularite. Crystal. Rhombic -odecahedron,green,opaque.
Grossularite. Crystal. Rhombic -odecahedron,green,opaque.
danburite Joint of different- sized crystals
Danburite Joint of two prismatic crystals of yellow-brown color with traces of corrosion
Danburite Joint of two crystals, the most smallest with gauzy
Danburite Druse of transparent and opaque crystals
Danburite White crystal with rare spots
Datolite, quartz Joint of isometric pale green datolite crystals , covered with small and medium-siz...
Datolite. Druse of crystals datolite with of blende crystal (Cleiophane)
Datolite. Druse of crystals datolite with 2 crystals of sphalerite (kleyofana) in feldspar metasomati...
Demantoid. Rare small crystals in the rock.
Demantoid. Rare small crystals in the rock.
Malacolite Joint of two crystals
Malacolite Prismatic dark- green crustal
Malacolite Druse of grass-green translucent crystals in cleaved on a fine-grained gray-green stratum...
dioptase Druse of green rhombohedral marble crystals
Jade. Fine-grained green aggregate.
Jade. Coarse aggregate of gray jadeite.
Jade. Coarse aggregate green jadeite.
Jade. Grainy green- gray aggregate. Deaming plate
Jade. Coarse aggregate of greenish-gray mottled with patches of emerald- green jadeite. Ore is polis...
Emerald Phlogopite schist with quartz-field jacks-spar splice, which marked columnar single light- gr...
Kyanite. Aggreagte of thin, differently- oriented lamellar crystals.
Xonotlite White-grained massive structure.
Xonotlite White- grained massive structure.
Lapis lazuli. Calcite "ovoids" in turquoise fringe submerged into spotted bright blue lapis lazuli ro...
Lepidolite Finely flake aggregate.
Lepidolite. Aggreagte of large-flake pale purple lepidolite inclusions cleavelandite bluish and pink...
Microcline. Yellow fragment of tabular crystal.
Murmanite. Lamellar aggregates of lilac-pink in alkaline murmanita pegmatite.
Muscovite. Muscovite.
Muscovite. Lamellar aggregate.
Muscovite. Plate aggregate of white muscovite.
Muscovite. Lamellar aggregates of muscovite in the quartz-feldspar pegmatite.
Muscovite. Lamellar aggregates of muscovite in the quartz-feldspar pegmatite.
Muscovite. Lamellar aggregates of muscovite in the quartz-feldspar pegmatite.
Neptunite Large prismatic black neptunita crystals in natrolite.
Nephrite Entangled fiber aggregate of dark green Nephrite. Polished ore.
Orthoclase. Large spines furrows of light- gray orthoclase.
Orthoclase. Large spines furrows of light- gray orthoclase in pegmatite.
Paragonite Light green colored finely flake aggregate. Polished ore.
Peridot (olivine). Green olivine crystals in the stratum.
Feldspar Feldspar crystal with horn coil
Riebeckite (crocidolite) - aggreate of blue- grey fibrillation structure, with a silky luster.
Riebeckite (crocidolite) - aggregate of fibrillation bluish-gray color with a silky luster.
Hornblende. Two big short-prismatic crystals of hornblende gabbro-pegmatite.
Hornblende. Different big differently- oriented of columnar crystals of greenish-black hornblende in...
Rhodusite silicification. Columnar aggregates of blue rhodusite. Polished ore.
Rhodusite silicification. Dark- blue wavy fibrous aggregate. Polished plate.
Rhodusite asbestos enriched. The fiber unit.
Rhodusite Columnar blue aggregates .
Rubellite. Fragment of crimson crystal in the pegmatite.
Rubellite. Parallel splice pale of pink crystals with grayish quartz-muscovite stratum.
Rubellite. Two large fragments of light pink opaque rubellite crystal intergrown with blue albite (c...
Samsonite Steel-black with a metallic- luster in gradeof black-brown oolitic texture with white crus...
Scapolite. Tegragonalno- prismatic crystal with bipyramid, green transparent portions, partly - green...
Mica combination beryllium. Finely flake unit on quartz.
Staurolite, almandine in mica. Large opaque dark crimson rhombododecahedron of almandine and elongate...
staurolite Big (up to 6 cm.) prismatic crystals in micaceous slate
Staurolite Twinned joint of two prismswith pinakoidalnymi endings.
Stilbene. Druse of sheaf-like crystals of different size with yellowish and whitish weathered surfac...
Grothite In the form of thin prismatic crystals dispersed in the rock.
Talc Dense homogeneous pale pink aggregate.
Talc Thick-hidden stratum of greenish-gray color. Polished plate.
Topaz, beryl Lamellar aggregates of yellow topaz intergrown with glimmerites and light green opaque b...
Tourmaline Green in transparent quartz with lepidolite
Tourmaline (schorl). Fragment of crystal.
Tourmaline (schorl). Columnar crystals, needle and placed either in parallel or in the "stars" in the...
Tourmaline Green translucent crystals in polished quartz crystal.
Uvarovit. Thin crystalic green chromite incrustation
Phenacite. Fragments of white translucent prismatic phenacite crystals (up to 2 cm) in phlogopite mic...
Phlogopite. Fragment of a twinned crystal.
Phlogopite. Fragment of a twinned crystal.
Phlogopite. Piece of crystal.
Phlogopite Fragment of crystal.
Phlogopite Fragment of crystal.
Phlogopite Fragment of crystal with zonal structure.
Phlogopite Fragment of crystal in a form of rhomb
Phlogopite Aggregate of flexible crystals of brown phlogopite
Chiastolite. Characteristic cruciform in cross-section crystals in black shale.
Chiastolite. In the dark-gray quartz-mica schist, are observed by cruciform allocation grayish- white...
Chrysocolla. Thin crust of blue-green chrysocolla on surface of skarn.
Chrysocolla. Opal- like mass in the form of blue-green brown incrustation on a modified PN breed.
Chrysocolla Budded aggregate in stratum(geode)
Peridot. Small (up to 0.3 cm) transparent green chrysolite with pyroxene grains in the volcanic bomb...
Chrysotile asbestos. Aggregate of green curved long-chrysotile asbestos "woody."
Chromamezit. The brash of purple crystals on ultrabasic stratum
Zircon. Leucocratic porphyry granite contains phenocrysts up to 2 cm light brown and black zircon in...
Charoit. Polished ore.
Schorl Prismatic crystals of black tourmaline in small-scaly mica.
Schorl Radiant aggregate length of thin prismatic crystals up to 5 cm in schorl quartz-field-voshpat...
Schorl Crystals in muscovite- albite ore, up to 2cm.
Shorlomit. Joint of crystals
Shorlomit. Radiating slot of pale green apatite in black shorlomita aggregate of cancrinite-natrolite...
Eudialyte with aegirine and nepheline. Disseminated of red-brown eudialyte between columnar aggregate...
Eudialyte, nepheline, lamprophyllite. Bright- spotted coarse aggregate. Ore with polishing.
Eudialyte Large nests of crimson eudialyte in nepheline rocks. Polished plate.
Eudialyte Waste of incorrect form (2-3 cm) in pegmatite
Aegerine needle- radiant greenish-black aggregate with small phenocrysts of biotite and nepheline.
Elpidite Akpaitovi occasional granite - (quartz- albite- zircon- elpidite/ pink spots/ pololotionit...
Epidote Joint of prismatic different- sized crystals