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Native elements [9]
Iron nuggets Vkraplennost` zheleza v taksitovom gabbro-dolerite. Shtuf polirovanny`i`.
Gold nuggets .Diorite porphyry, contains finely disseminated gold in quartz veinlets N - 0,5 cm
Gold nuggets. Diorite porphyry with insets of gold to mark the grains of quartz.
Native copper. Volume korneobraznoy nugget-shaped, with a thin oxide films bluish, yellowish flowers...
Native copper Volume dendrite octahedral crystals of copper.
Native copper. Dendrite octahedral crystals of copper.
Brimstone Druse light yellow truncated bipyramidal crystals of sulfur and skalenoedrov white calcite...
Silver nuggets. Silver Nugget intergrown with drusoid secretions (~ 5%) of small white crystals of ca...
Shungit. Schungite slate with thin veins gyumbelita. Black, with a massive conchoidal fracture