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Carbonates [25]
Mineral blue Contraction, the central part of it is setted thick aggregate which is covered complanat...
Mineral blue, malachite Оaw muscles and small dark- blue mineral blue aggregate and incrustations of...
Mineral blue, malachite Brecciated stratum cemented by copper hydrogen carbonate
Ankerite Dark- grey small- mid spotted homogeneous aggregate (thread)
Aragonite Joint of columnar yellow aragonite crystals with transverse colour zoning
Aragonite Nodulated argonite aggregate with grown white gelignites on it
Aragonite corallite(nodulated aggregates ) white argonite, on surface covered with small aragonite...
Aragonite Druse of crystals( thin prismatic and spletted crystals) white argonite on surface from sma...
Aragonite White nodulated- branchy aggregate
Aragonite White coral-like aggregate
Aragonite Open-work joint thin white argonite gelignites on substrate from big spotted aragonite
Icelandic spar Yellow fragment on cleavage
Icelandic spar Yellow fragment on cleavage
Icelandic spar Yellow fragment on cleavage
Tiff (marble onyx) barite Sharpen striped (interchange of stripes grey- white and brown colours) tiff...
Tiff (cave onyx) Sharpen striped aggregate of yellow, columnar brown tiff crystals
Tiff, barite Yellow- white nodulated aggregate shrpen tiff on surface of a joint barite crystals
Tiff, haematite Rhombohedral tiff crystal (5,5х5х3 cm.)partly is coloured in yellow, red colours on s...
Tiff Druse on dolomite. Pale-yellow colour, aspect of crystals partly farinaceous. The hight of pick...
Tiff Druse of big rhombohedral transparent and mid- transparent tiff crystals on surface of small spo...
Tiff Aggregate of big crystals yellow- white zoning tiff, on surface calcareous breccia
Tiff Aggregate of a big crtistalic tiff, with cracks which are made by iron hydroxyl
Malacolite streakings and nodulated malacolite aggregate in secretion
siderite sharpen aggregate yellow with tarnish siderite in emptinesses of yellow, brown limonite.