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Articles of stone [22]
Commemorative medal Dedicated to 60- years of Norilsk GMK. Circle, made from silicon. Coloured pictur...
Stand for sphere Small- spotted, massive, brown dolomite with small uncorret picture. Plate is bleam...
Sculpture 'hippopotamus' Red venose jasper
Sculpture 'giant' Smoky quartz
Sculpture 'giants' Agate
Sculpture 'Camel' Yellow, brown marble onyx
Sculpture 'Toad' Spotted agate
Sculpture 'Toad' Yellow- black agate
Sculpture 'Toad' Yellow- grey agate
Sculpture 'crabs' Dsrk red jasper
Sculpture 'Bear' Rhodonite
Sculpture 'Bear' Labradorite
Sculpture 'Rhinoceros' Labradorite
Sculpture 'Prism' Dark- green fluorite
Sculpture 'Prism' Green transparent fluorite
Sculpture 'Prism' Green transparent fluorite
Sculpture 'Prism' Pale green fluorite
Sculpture 'Prism' Pale-green mid- transparent fluorite
Sculpture 'Pisces' Quartz
Sculpture 'Elephant' Labradorite
Souvenir Copy of the monument to the first builders of Norilsk city. Materials: marble, anhydrite, or...
Sphere Joint of blue- grey chalcedony in brecciated yellow- grey limestone